Monday, October 02, 2006

The New Beginning

Murphy's Log: Stardate 7

Well fellow travellers, I must apologize for the lack of entries in my log of late, but it has been an eventful time. My plan to cross-dress my way off the festive planet (Epsilon XVI) was successful, at least in part. Who would have thought I'd make such an attractive woman! So attractive, in fact, that the fathers who were after me for "defiling" their daughters began to come after me for entirely different reasons. Luckily, Alpha is skilled at the sneak attack. He saved my "butt" in quite a few situations.

Nonetheless, we're in transit again! Do you remember those "investors" I had mentioned earlier? Well, it seems they're getting restless. I was watching the Interstellar News and there is a bounty out on me. That's just great. You bypass a few ports and security checkpoints, leave a few less-than-living bodies behind, win a few vital card games and suddenly you're a criminal! What has the Universe come to? Doesn't anyone believe in free enterprise? Regardless, I think I'll hold on to my disguise (Ms. Jeannine Mirowski) for a little while longer.

We were granted passage upon a ship called Damascus' Aunt, a jolly old (read: peice of junk) ion-gathering ship built by the Frelonians. Just my luck, Frelonian males have a taste for blonde human women with flat chests! Oh, but don't make any assumptions here, dear fellows, for Ms. Mirowski does not give it up easily! Let's just say I'm going to need an extra rucksack to hold all of these diamonds!

Ever So Slowly En Route,