Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Creator

Murphy's Log: Stardate 1

This planet is very strange. Creatures swarm together in massive hives.
I've gotta get out of here, back up into space where it's safe.
The sights I've seen in the last forty-eight hourts would astound you.
Murder, thievery, slavery, rape, torture, violence, waste, pollution of the ecosystem.
I think this strange culture may be in it's final stages.
My estimate? Eight, nine hundred years, and this industrious and powerful race will destroy itself. While focusing on their own vanity and fortune, they are unaware what is happening in the universe, for it is always changing. But so unaware are these creatures even of their own environment, that they don't have the tools to escape when the planet dies.

Their brief moment of civilization in the galaxy will be recorded. However, not in all of the history books. Only the sharpest minds and most powerful beings will carry their story with us.

One thing I must note though, is that this whole thing seems so familiar. It's quite baffling, even to me. But I leave tomorrow, and there's not much time to prepare.

Bon Voyage, and Until Next Time,



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