Friday, December 02, 2005

The Traveller

Murphy's Log: Stardate 2

Today I leave this place, and all that I have experienced here will become part of my consciousness. I feel sadness only because I have no power or authority to make change here, such is the law of the universe.
I've got all the fuel I need right now to go pretty much anywhere in the galaxy, so I'm setting my sights on the first star of what these people call The Big Dipper. I wish I had paid more attention in astrology class. Now I have to rely on my ship's computer to navigate, and unfortunately, we are in a bit of an argument right now. It's not uncommon to find myself in the middle of an asteroid field, or hurtling towards a black hole. But even I have to sleep sometimes.
Once I reach that star, I'm going to hitch a ride on this amazing comet which is due to pass right by. Hopefully I'll have time to pick up my friend Alpha on the way. It's a short detour, and time will be tight, but he needs a lift and I'll never pass up the chance to have company. This next trip will be a long one, and the emptiness of space starts to reflect the emptiness of your heart.

Each day flows into the next, with no morning or night. just darkness. But it's all worth it. Clean air, good food, all the freedom I can handle.

Getting restless so I'll raise this last frothy brew to you,



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